Copyright Guides

In todays class we learnt about copyright laws for public blogging.  There seem to be a lot of laws that up and coming bloggers are unaware they are crossing and breaking.

These were gathered from RMIT’s resource for copyright on blogging which explained what was deemed unlawful in the blogging environment.

For example text quotes are fine as long as they are short , only a few sentences, however over a paragraph would be considered too much, in simple terms. Images were acceptable if they are your own or creative common images allowing reuse. Videos must have been placed online by the copyright holder before you can then embed them in your webpage. The resource also reminds us to watch for intellectual property rights when using content, as well as cruel/violent, racial vilification and pornographic content.

Making sure you have attained the appropriate licenses to blog content is also key to producing lawful content. There are 4 Creative Commons licenses accessible through RMIT  that are used in a variety of works. These are also explain in the following video about Creative Commons.


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