Day 2

Wednesday 22nd March
Online activity:

– Checked weather app in the morning for the day
– Scrolled though Facebook and Instagram on the train
– Searched and read articles on acai berry and vitamins on Chrome via Google
– Filtered through health profiles on Instagram for discussions on vitamins and acas berry
– Looked up Korean BBQ restaurants in the CBD on Google via Chrome on Broadsheet
– Also looked up these restaurants on Zomato app, looking at ratings, menu items and prices
– Looked up readings on RMIT Library on my MacBook for assignments, reading them and leaving the tabs open on my explorer.

I noticed today that I keep a lot of tabs and browsers open. I don’t know why I don’t just bookmark them or save them somewhere but it just seems easier to leave the tabs open everywhere. Checking the weather app every morning via my mobile helps me decide what to wear and bring for the day. It’s funny that these things help us so much today unlike back in a day without the online sphere, people would have to pack for all weather conditions, or just wing it and ruin their clothes and belongings. Though for some this organisation and ability to be ready for any day strategically seems like a positive, for me I just worry about how far this will all go so quickly, and just how lazy we will become. I can pre plan my whole night ahead, choose what I want off a menu, how much money I will need to bring, what the weather will be so I know what to wear, book a table from the comfort of my phone and follow a map to the location. I can search the train timetable to and from and plan the route off my phone from the station to the restaurant. I can determine weather I will like a place to go to before I even go, looking at ratings, photos and reviews shared online.


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