Day 3

Thursday 23rd March
Online Activity:

– Checked weather app in the morning for the day
– Scrolled through Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat on their apps
– Looked up camera reviews and information on website that review DSLR cameras
– Looked up directions to camera stores via google maps
– Messaged friends via messenger in a group chat

Thursdays is the day I have the most spare time to dawdle, and though most Thursdays I find myself doing mundane, pointless things online, today I used is scarcely and with purpose. Though I did scroll through social media, I went online to co-ordinate buying a camera, looking up reviews and images taken by cameras to see the quality for myself, as well as directions to camera stores. It made deciding on camera and finding the stores a lot easier. I messaged my friends on messenger in a group chat which really helps talking to multiple people at once about plans or a topic. I rarely speak socially online, usually only messaging to organise plans to meet in person. Messenger app, an extension of Facebook, makes it easy to talk to multiple people at once, as well as connecting with people in a social group who you have not got their phone number. I feel like it’s socially more acceptable these days to message more people on Facebook and become ‘friends’ with them than it is to have their number. Having their mobile number is a lot more personal to me, they have to be a really close friend or have some sort of relationship with me.


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