Day 4

Friday 24th March
Online Activity:

– Scrolled through Facebook and Instagram on their apps
– Messaged friends on Messenger app in a group chat
– Searched directions and followed a map to the city using Google maps
– Recorded snippets of a concert and published them on Snapchat
– Saved a video to my camera roll and published it on Instagram

I worked all day one Friday, so I didn’t spend as much time looking up and searching around online. However, I did have tickets to a concert that night. I used Google Maps to search the location of the carpark near the venue and guide me to it. I also checked the price of the car park on their website (Wilsons Parking). I used google maps to guide us to a restaurant we had previously looked up and been interested in going to. At the concert, I took a few short ten second videos of my favourite parts. I don’t usually take videos at concerts, I feel like it takes me away from the moment, makes it more about sharing my experience with others than making the most of mine. However on this occasion, I was just so amazed by the rising talent I wanted to share it for the sake of the artists promotion, and save it for my own personal future reminiscence. I took the video though the snapchat app, publishing some videos on my story and saving others to my camera roll. After the concert, I then chose one of the videos I saved and published it to Instagram. I tagged the venue location, hash tagged the name of the artist and tagged my friend I attended with, also including a short one sentence caption describing the artists as unbelievable. I got 12 likes, however the video was played 70 times. Though I hash tagged the artist, my account is on a private setting, meaning only people I have accepted as friends would be able to see my video. Here is a screenshot of the Instagram post:


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