Day 5

Saturday 25th March
Online Activity:

– Scrolled though Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat via the apps
– Messaged in group conversation on messenger
– Saved videos on Facebook in the Facebook app

The same as a Friday, on Saturday I work all day and don’t spend much of it on social media. This particular Saturday I stayed home after work and whilst watching TV, browsed my social media apps. My interactions as I scroll online really vary, depending on my mood and the environment I’m in. Sometimes I can sit there and like and comment on most things, usually only what my friends post, but most of the time I scroll and internally comment, never really publishing it. I’m quite a self conscious person sometimes, and like I said, it depends on my mood. There will be really odd times, where I’m excited before an occasion, and I’ll be scrolling my social media and liking and commenting on all my friends posts and content. I’m always well mannered and would never have an argument on social media. Messages can be taken the wrong way without your tone to match.
I’d prefer to see my friends in person and experience emotions face to face. It’s funny now that I think about it, the only time I really had any emotional benefit out of messaging was when I was dating someone and messaging them. We couldn’t see each other face to face and messaging everyday on messenger was the only way to communicate. But even then I didn’t like it, because meeting in person I got I different character than I had depicted from the messages. It was a better character, and to this day we message if we have to, for convenience of needing to say something when there’s no time to call, but otherwise we call each other and meet face to face. I am surrounded in my social network by people demanding virtual contact from me, feeling hurt and offended when I haven’t liked their photos, messaged them and so on. Its seems for most people messaging is just as important as seeing someone or talking to someone important face to face. I view things differently, I’m not too sure why I don’t get the same kick out of messaging. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have internet until year 9-10? Maybe it’s because digital screens feel fake and claustrophobic to me. That might sound weird but it’s exactly the way I feel.


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