Day 6

Sunday 26 March
Online Activity:

– Scrolled through social media apps (Facebook only)
– Checked weather app for tomorrows weather forecast.

This is a very short entry. I woke up late today, spent the day out socialising, only going online as a couple brief points to scroll through Facebook, not thinking about the other social media apps I’m signed up to. I also checked the weather for the next day out of habit before I went to sleep. I noticed that the first social media app I always check is Facebook, then Instagram, and if I have time, Snapchat. I don’t usually open snapchat unless I have a notification of a snap sent to me. I don’t usually have notifications from Instagram, so I open that when I want to browse through pictures. I follow people I know, as well celebrities I like, food and health bloggers for inspiration on new healthy living practices and recipes, and clothing brands for new styles and products. I also follow my favourite musicians to track their journeys and get song release/concert updates and food blogs and outlets, for ideas on where to eat out next. After some though, I realised most of the places I choose to eat out at are chosen based on a photo I’ve seen posted on Instagram. I see a menu item that looks appealing to me, and end up following the place. When I got to eat out next, I scroll through the profiles I follow and choose one. I love the new food market. Though I understand they’re trying to entice me to come to their store, I in turn discover so many new flavours, styles and and locations.


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