Day 7

Monday March 27
Online Activity:

– Scrolled though social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat)
– Check emails (Hotmail, Gmail)
– Checked a Facebook group I am a member of for updates and comments
– Checked blackboard webpage on MacBook for assignment submission dates.
– Browsed Pinterest for photos of Southeast Asia inspiration

I realised that in my social time, outside of work and uni hours, I don’t interact very much socially online, as well as with what is necessary. Sometimes I wish the internet didn’t exist on day when I forget to check my emails and updates. A direct text message would be much more convenient for me if I need to know something important. I do like the community I have for my dance group. All the members of my dance group, as well as the admin and committee members are added to the online group, where our director updates us with important notices and information, as well as dancers shares social comments and have chats together. It helps new members feel comfortable and bond as well as easily share information with everyone.

I’m glad I used Pinterest during my documentation of my online activity. It is one of my favourite online apps. The collage of photos all tagged by key words makes it so easy to look something up you need visually and be inspired. Particularly for me, I love looking up inspiration for new travel destinations and activities. Apart from Instagram, I use Pinterest to search keywords such as countries or key cities and scroll through the images for ideas on places to go. I save my favourites into folders on my Pinterest account, which I categorise by country, continent or planned trips.


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