I prefer to search and research topics and ideas online based on it’s quick, easy access, but share the content I find in person. I value personal contact more than virtual, enjoying seeing the reactions on peoples faces towards what I show them and discussing it with real face to face emotion.

When I worked full time I used social media and general online use a lot less, working 10 hour days with 15 minute breaks, driving to and from work and thus having almost no time to aimlessly scroll in the virtual world. However at uni I have ample time on the train, in between and during classes to scroll around the web. Interestingly though, I would then do more of this at home after doing it all day at uni, but on a work day I would be less inclined still to jump online even though I had not used it all day. I use to online media to connect with people quickly but only to organise events or face-to-face catch ups.

After understanding the marketing and the deceitful tactics of the online world, the ways it can, for lack of better phrases, turn your brain into scrambled eggs, I tend to read more books, have more conversation with people face to face, even phone call over text message. What I do love the web for is it’s ability to help me find new places to venture to around the world, once secret and now available to find by everyone. A lot of it is commercial jargon, but if you search obscurely enough you’ll find hidden gems shared for you. I am also trying to expand my taste buds and try different cuisines and interpretations of them. Looking up food outlets on apps such as Instagram and Zomato allow me to see photos of the food, view prices, ratings and distances to the outlets. I can find these places and judge them before I get to them, making an estimated guess on whether it’ll be worth the venture without making a mistake.

I underestimate its ability to organise my life. My bank account details are there whenever I need them, you don’t need to visit a branch to get them. Contacting the workplace an university are at my fingertips, as well information readily available in online portals. In a projectional sense, it is the key in a field of public relations when getting my messages across, However, I tend to steer clear of this involvement in my personal life.


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