I documented my media usage over a typical working week. On a normal week like this one, I scrolled social media most days, clicking and further scrolling through personal profiles that interested me. I use Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. I also use Viber against my own will to contact one particular social group, however I use the other apps to connect socially with people I know. I checked my bank account through the NAB app, checked my rosters and gig alerts through my hotmail account and uni related emails through my gmail account on the app. I am a foodie, and looked up restaurants and cafes I went to or saved for the future thought Instagram and Zomato. I looked up addresses and maps on google maps to find these restaurants and attend a gig. I researched via google to find blogs on travel guides and tips for Southeast Asia. I send snaps to close friends or on my story rarely, either when I’m at something monumental, aesthetically pleasing, or just really really bored. I post monumental events or good photos with close friends on Instagram. I message though messenger to big groups of people, or to people I don’t have phone numbers from. I scroll aimlessly through Facebook, and save photos, articles and videos to show my partner and friends in person. On social media I rarely posted anything and rarely interacted with other peoples posts online.


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