Reflecting on the Reflection

Reflecting on this exploration, I found that though my thoughts to me were against online media use, I used it quite often. Though I feel it provides ample opportunities in my field of work and plenty of benefits in my everyday life, it also makes me think differently. Messages can be misinterpreted. Conveying emotions can be quite difficult in a message or image. Though I struggle on a personal level to convey and interpret emotions socially, searching the webs portals can be very inspiring and spark emotion in a new sense. The access to some much knowledge, ideas and experiences is incredibly overwhelming and daunting. The web has made nothing a secret anymore, everything accessible, and in some cases, smarter and better people for it. You can connect across the globe, and I think the web has had a massive impact on breaking barriers of discrimination. Anyone from any race, age, socio-economic status can speak and share about the same topic without boundaries.

But there’s always the contrary, where it can also provide the share ground for terrible thoughts and ideas. Bullying, harassment and fear can also now be more widely disseminated. I feel like the best way to some up the web for me is like we’ve picked up everything we normally do in the world, put it online and it’s been blown so far out of proportion in both directions that we can’t stop it. That ideas are constantly evolving, moving, changing everywhere at a rapid speed. It’s scary how quickly things have moved since the dawn on the internet. I think that was makes up the basis of my reflection. How the online world has become the instigator of everything.


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