This blog will be documentation of my social media usage and interaction as a 3rd year, 21 year old RMIT student. Studying a Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations, the course elective I chose in Network Media challenge our perception of what we do on social media, whilst adapting out blogging skills.

To share a bit about myself, I have completed the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Business (Public Relations) at RMIT. During this I was accepted into the Global WIL program, working on an international project with students from the US and Ireland to create a campaign for the Irish Oil Company, Maxol. I then went on a scholarship to Ireland to present the campaign to Maxol senior directors.

At the same time, I was completing a campaign for Lehenda Ukrainian Dance Company, based in Melbourne and who I also am a company member of. Not long after arriving back from Ireland, we launched our tour nationally and internationally to Canada and the United States.

Currently I am in my last semester of the bachelor degree at RMIT, finalising my experience and knowledge in the field of media and communication. I am hoping this subject and particularly this course helps me understand why we do what we do online with media, relating out own personal online media practice to networked media practices presented by the course in authoring, publishing and distributing online media


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