Day 1

Tuesday 21st March
Online Activity:

– Scrolled through Facebook feed
– Saved videos from Facebook feed
– Sent messages via messenger in a group chat
– Scrolled through Instagram feed
– Searched music from radio on Triple J website
– Checked weather app for tomorrows weather report

I used my mobile android phone to enter these social media sites via apps and scroll through friends posts and pages I have followed out of interest in their discussions and photos. I used messenger to message a group of people at once about plans for the weekend. I scrolled through Instagram particularly scanning for interesting events that have happened. I searched Triple J’s website through Chrome to find the playlist of songs that have played in the last hour to find the name of a song I heard. I checked the weather app for tomorrows weather report.

Todays online activity was mundane, however is is opening my eyes to the was the internet is connecting me with everyone. I have always thought of myself as a light online user, however after listing my behaviour I actually used the internet a fair bit in my day, on my way to and from uni, during classes when I lost interest in what was being discussed, and then before falling asleep in bed. I did however avoid using and checking my phone when around people, when I spoke with family and my partner after uni in person, I did not touch my phone and thus the internet at all.